Yellowstone National Park – Day 4 (2021)

We were lucky to have four glorious days to visit the park. You can do it in one with hours of driving and just a few quick stops, but just do that if you have no other option.  We strongly suggest staying in the park if possible which would save hours every day. Plus it adds to the ambiance. That probably means booking a year in advance to have some options.

Firehole Falls was an example of a perfect short stop off the road. It is not on most people’s radar, and can’t be seen in a short visit.  It would be a major sight at other places and could easily be a half day.

The sights are varied and endless.

Standing on the Continental Divide is fun. Simply stated that is a line where water flows east or west ultimately all the way to the ocean depending on which side it starts.


We really like the mud pots.


The West Thumb Geyser Basin is the largest geyser basin on the shores of Yellowstone Lake.

Goodbye pretty Yellowstone.

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  1. Meg says:

    May I ask where you stayed during your time in Yellowstone?

    • Barry & Allyn Shulman says:

      Yellowstone Village Inn (Gardiner), Lake Yellowstone Hotel (in the Park), and Yellowstone West Gate (West Yellowstone). 3 hotels because 1) the park is huge, and 2) we could only get a room in the park for one night.

      • Meg says:

        Thank you so much! We follow your blog and have taken many of your suggestions especially your dining recommendations. We met you on Crystal a few years back in China, and our tastes in all things travel are so similar that your travels have inspired ours! Thank you for sharing and we hope to cross paths again someday.

  2. Howard Schlesinger says:

    Enjoying your trip… Howard

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