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Our Travel Concept

As a young entrepreneur, Barry was dubbed the lean, mean condo machine. He was quoted as a Real Estate investment magnate in The New York Times, Forbes, U.S. News, Chicago Sun Times, Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and a host of other media. After making a name for himself in Real Estate, he turned to Poker where he acquired the foremost poker magazine in the US, CardPlayer and amassed over $6 million in poker wins including two WSOP gold bracelets. Whatever Barry does, he jumps all in like nobody’s business! His beautiful wife Allyn was a successful criminal defense attorney for 35 years, having been widowed when her children were 12 and 13. In 2001, Barry met his match on the felt and they have been lovin’ life and traveling the world together ever since. Allyn is the proud owner of one WSOP gold bracelet, having amassed $1.6 million in poker wins. In the summers, they can be found in the exciting bright lights of Las Vegas vying for more WSOP gold bracelets. Philanthropy is a big deal in the Shulman family. Allyn contributes very significant time throughout the year and Barry heads the Shulman Family Foundation, whose mission is strictly charitable giving. The rest of the year, whether it be by plane, ship, train, RV, car, barge or even their little electric Duffy, Allyn and Barry travel the world, documenting adventure after adventure. Take a peek into the window of their escapades! Welcome friends, globetrotters, itinerants, vagabonds and fellow lovers of travel and adventure!