07 Dec 2020

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2020

Covid safe in Cabo. This is the first movie I have made for Very Exciting. 



14 Sep 2020

"Best of Rewards", Return Road Trip, Seattle - Las Vegas 2020

Please note that all items in this blog have more commentary in earlier September blogs.
Goodbye Seattle.
Best Hotel for Beach Chilling - Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, OR
Best Nostalgia - B'nai B'rith Summer Camp, Neotsu, OR
Best Historic Road - Hug Point, OR
Best Central Oregon Drone Shots (Tied) - Devil's Punch Bowl, Otter Rock, OR and Thor's Well, Yachats, OR
Best Adventure - Dune Buggy Driving, Florence, OR
Best River Trip - Rogue River, Gold Beach, OR
Best View on the Oregon Coast - Gold Beach to Brookings, OR
Best Forest Drive - Avenue of the Redwoods, CA
Best Day to Forget - Willits Fire about 1:30 PM, Willits, CA
Best New Trick - Allyn Opening Champagne with a Saber - Napa Valley, CA
Best Haunted Room in Best Hauted Hotel - The Lady in Red Room in Mizpaw Hotel, Tonopah, NV
Best Street to Practice Pavement Striping, Tonopah, NV
Best Ridiculous House Still Lived in - Goldfield, NV
Best Roadside Art (Tied) - International Car Forest of the Last Church and The Last Supper, Ryolite, NV
Best Hotel of the Road Trip (and the Priciest) - Edgewood Tahoe Resort, Stateline, NV
Best Sight for Sore Eyes - Home, Las Vegas, NV

13 Sep 2020

"Best of Rewards", Las Vegas - Seattle Road Trip 2020

Best RV - Marathon Motor Home with Driver
Best Panaply of Colors from a Moving Vehicle - Fishlake National Forest, Bolder, UT
Toughest Hike (and Allyn had a broken toe) - Zion National Park, UT
Best National Park - Bryce Canyon, UT
Best 4 Wheeling - Arches National Park, UT
Best Utah State Park - Valley of the Goblins, UT
Best Falls - Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, ID
Best Kayak Day - Bend, OR
Best Glass Art - Perry Kenin Studio, Portland, OR
Best Street Art - Freak Alley, Boise, ID
Best Garden - Washington Park, Portland, OR
Best Rain Forest - Ho Rain Forest; Hall of Mosses 
Best Hike - Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, WA
Best Bagels, Lox, and Cream Cheese (and setting) - Port Townsend, WA
Best Covid Window - Port Townsend, WA

12 Sep 2020

Tonopah to Las Vegas (Home)

Nobody would say the ride home from Tonopah to Las Vegas is gorgeous. That being the case, we decided to seek out some interesting sites and things.
Goldfield was a big time mining town. You don't have to visit a museum to see old or interesting things here. I'm sorry that we did not stay longer.  The building is actually a current private residence. 
The International Car Forest of the Last Church is totally fascinating as well as bizarre and unique.
We headed over to Angel's, but they were closed. Somebody left his plane here.
Beatty is the closest city to Area 51, the super secret highly classified Air Force facility. Many UFO stories center around this area.
Rhyolite, just a few miles away, is a well know ghost town. This old Union Pacific caboose was a gas station for a while.
Nearby is an open air museum featuring works by Albert Szukalski, He was best known as the sculptor of works that the artist termed "ghosts". He actually came here in 1984 to create his own "Last Supper".
Just like normal tourists, at Amargosa Valley we saw the world's largest firecracker. 
Meanwhile I was getting hungry and couldn't find a restaurant in Amargosa Valley. It turns out Area 51 Alien Center is a restaurant. (I learned that when researching it later). Oh well. Since now we were only about 90 miles from home, we just skipped lunch.
After almost three months, it is home sweet home.
Next up will be our Allyn and Barry awards for Best of Road Trip.

11 Sep 2020

Tonopah, NV 2020

The last night of our 2020 three-month road trip was spent in Tonopah, NV about half-way to Las Vegas from South Lake Tahoe.
To say that the view while driving  was not as gorgeous as the Oregon Coast or the California Redwood Highway would be stating the obvious. But it is the way home and the roads were very nice.
Once in Tonopah, we stopped by "America's Scariest Motel", The Clown Motel, which has hundreds of clowns. It is adjacent to the dark, closed, town cemetery which has plenty of lore. I guess the two combined make it scary. All the clowns are happy clowns incidentally.
One reason for one more overnight was to stay in the historic Mizpah Hotel. At five stories it was the tallest hotel in Nevada until 1927. 
It had and still uses the first electric elevator west of the Mississippi.
Legend has it that Wyatt Earp kept the saloon, Jack Dempsey was a bouncer and Howard Hughes married Jean Peters here. Alas, upon my investigation, all are false, but have Tonopah connections.
It is definitely true according to USA Today that it is the number one haunted hotel in The US.
One ghost is that of the infamous Lady in Red, She, a prostitute, lived in the very room that we are in.
About a hundred years ago, she was strangled to death by one of her customers right outside the door. The Lady has been rumored to target individual male passengers in the elevator, whispering “hey, you” into their ear. Moreover, If she is fond of a guest, she is known to leave pearls in his bed.
This must be where Tonopah folks go when they want to work on their pavement striping skills.