Yellowstone National Park – Day 3 (2021)

Quote of the day from the hotel receptionist:

Barry – “Is it safe for us to walk to the restaurant tonight?”
Receptionist answer – “It should be fine. Periodically a bear or wolf comes to town, but not generally.

Even the view from our bathroom was wonderful.

The days flow so quickly here as places are so far apart and there are so many times it makes sense to just pull over and take in the pretty sights or animals.


Old Faithful is important because that is what we equate to Yellowstone National Park. Plus, it goes off often and with regularity which makes it easy to see it in action. Although it is quite sensational, it is no more so than many other things we have visited here.

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the US and 3rd largest in the world. It was my favorite stop. We hiked way up to an overlook to both get some exercise and to have a better view of the area.

Interesting factoid– The beautiful colors are from bacteria not mineral deposits.

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