Versailles Restaurant, Little Havana, Miami 2022

Being in between cruises in Miami (see tomorrow’s blog), we took the opportunity to have dinner with friends Barbara and Ted in Little Havana.

For 50 years the iconic Versailles Restaurant, “The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant” has been  ground zero for Miami’s Cuban exiles. Besides the outstanding and totally authentic Cuban dishes, that is what attracts folks to their restaurant.

When Cuba hits the news, the media sets up shop there.

Versailles is quite large. It seats over 300 people, in addition to its bakery and take out ventanita.

As is our custom Allyn and I each ordered a local (Cuban in this instance) beer. The waiter brought us a Hatuey which was delicious. That was curious given our political situation with Cuba. It turns out that it is Cuban “style” and brewed in South Carolina.

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  1. Bill says:

    That looks great, glad to see you guys looking well after the fiasco, have a great trip

  2. seberkson1 says:

    Enjoy your time in Miami and have a great & perfect time on your next cruise.

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