Venice Area, 2017





Since we have been to beautiful Venice a few times and were still beat from the flight over, we decided to charter a guide and water taxi for a leisurely trip to nearby Islands of Murano and Burano.




Murano is famous for making glass and has been since 1291 when glassmaking was banned in Venice proper for fire safety reasons. A trip here involves both seeing how they make it as well as viewing unbelievable beautiful pieces – all for sale.



Burano is like a fantasy city. A photographer’s delight, the freshly painted colorful homes make it look as if it is directly out of a fairy tale. Historically a fishing community, legend has it that the sailors wanted to see their homes from the water.


It is world famous for their intricate lace making. A “simple” centerpiece for a tablecloth takes a month, which is why authentic Burano lace is so expensive. There are seven main stitches and different women specialize in each and share the artistry.



Of course we weren’t going to be here without boating through Venice. We particularly liked this art by Lorenzo Quinn (Anthony’s son).


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