Typical Cannes day

Today was another lazy Cannes day. The routine gets repetitious, but seems to work just fine for us. It goes something like this:

  • Breakfast on the terrace
  • Exercise
  • Lunch in a French/Italian brasserie
  • Beach and/or shop
  • Nap
  • Dinner at someplace special
  • Ice cream on the walk back to the hotel

We tried to break up the day today by running an errand. My battery charger wasn’t working and Allyn’s seem to have disappeared. We asked the concierge for a camera store to buy one and really just give us something to do. He took all the fun out by telling us that is not what they do at The Majestic Hotel; they do the errands for us. Oh well. They did get us a nifty universal charger.

Restaurant tip – For fresh shellfish everybody in Cannes goes to Chez Astoux. Get there before 9 pm. They don’t take reservations. 43 rue Felix Faure http://www.astoux.fr/angl.html

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