St. Paul de-Vance

A nice place to walk narrow streets, see little stores and have a nice lunch, St. Paul de-Vence is a former walled city near Antibes that sits high on a hill with peaceful pastoral views.

However it is really all about contemporary art galleries. There are many and they are interesting. It’s definitely worth a couple hours.

Restaurant tip – Do NOT eat at La Colobe d’Or in Saint-Paul. It is a rip and not nearly as charming as the smaller restaurants that dot the town.

Restaurant tip 2 – Do eat at Vessuvio in Cannes. I have been there probably 30 times and never had a bad meal. It is not the fanciest, just the best. It’s Italian. Get there before 8:00 pm for dinner or you will wait in line, or bring some extra Euros for the meeter and greeter. It’s good for lunch too.

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