Forehead sign

Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “American Sucker”?

You may recall that we left off yesterday where they asked us to volunteer to room to an upgraded room, a nice suite, in order to accommodate some other guests. Always being happy to help, (especially since they gave us the night for free) we agreed and off we went to dinner. When we returned all of our things were moved in the exact same position in the new room. Then the problems started.

Now I must warn you that my boys constantly tell me that I just can’t
keep running into problems and incompetency. They think I expect too much from mere mortals. So let me give you a list of some of the room problems:

  • Both doors to the outside accessible patio did not lock or have a lock
  • The door to the room next door also did not lock, but has a lock
  • The carpet was wet to the touch
  • The toilet ran and made significant noise, but it did not flush anyway
  • We had no Internet
  • We had a bug issue
  • The draperies were stuck ¾ closed
  • They clearly have has a flood or something in the room and were not using it. Wood was stained and warped.
  • The usual amenities were not in the room. A TV was haphazardly set on a refrigerator because furniture was lacking.
  • It smelled moldy.

We spent the night there and moved again this morning. We now have a beautiful, newly refurbished top floor room, further discounted, thanks to Allyn’s assertiveness.

Restaurant tip – One of the most charming restaurant streets in the world is rue Saint-Antoine. You can’t go wrong anyplace there.

We ate at Le Mesclun,, tonight which is a bit fancier and mainly inside dining.

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