Breakfast sans croissant

I did it. I survived a breakfast with no croissant, pain au chocolat or any other bread. The trick was to order room service and not be tempted.

That handled, it was time for Allyn and me to head to the gym. Again, I was amazed because I actually was looking forward to it and then actually enjoyed it. It’s amazing what eating crazy for ten days will do to you with no exercise after having been on a program for a couple months.

About 7:30 pm the manager called and wanted to give us a free night and an upgraded room if we would move. It turns out that a shiekload full of Arabs wanted the entire floor we were on. No problem. We went out to a beautiful dinner and came back to a nice, new, larger suite.

Restaurant tip – Gaston-Gastounette , the most dependable fish restaurant down by the old port at St. Pierre

There is a pizza restaurant next door to Gaston-Gastounette that I have not frequented but it is always jammed and has a constant line. It must be either dirt cheap (which I doubt) or outstanding.










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