The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint, Ocean Springs, MS

It seems like every community has its world famous funky rib joint. Down here in the Biloxi area, The Shed fits that description to a tee.

It’s a true success story. It was founded by young Brad Orrison (24) and his sister Brooke (19) in 2001 for pennies, using just a 300-foot facility. She was there last night watching over things and clearing tables. I like that.

Now they have six locations and too many awards to list. They have a slew of national Barbeque Association trophies and were named some champions on Regis and Kelly.

So what’s my take? It was a fun evening and definitely worth visiting once because it is so unique. Then draw your own conclusion.

It is basically takeout even if you eat in. You stand and order at the counter and everything is in plastic, even the beer. There is no service.

The tables and chairs are plastic and jammed together.

The ribs were good. I think that Dinosaur Bar-b-que in Syracuse is just as much fun and has better ribs. But that is a long way to go if you are at a poker tournament in Biloxi.

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