Beautiful Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS

My Yankee blinders were on again, but I was completely blown away at its beauty when I first stepped foot (several days ago) into Biloxi’s waterfront casino/resort Beau Rivage.

Upon reflection, why shouldn’t it be? It is an MGM property which was designed and built by Steve Wynn in 1999. When it opened, this 1,740-room hotel (the tallest building in Mississippi) was the largest hotel / casino in the United States outside of Nevada.

Actually, all Mississippi casinos were not only waterfront, but all of their gaming areas were on a series of floating barges. This was because state law required all casinos to be located on mobile marine vessels. It would be interesting to try to take this one out for a spin.

Hurricane Katrina wiped out this casino in 2005. It was rebuilt and re-opened in 2006, when legislature changed the law to allow casinos to now be built on land, a few hundred feet back from the water.


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