World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational

This weekend Allyn and I had the privilege of playing in the WPT Celebrity Invitational Poker Tournament at The Commerce Casino.
Commerce not only hosted the event, but they contributed the entire $200,000 prize pool. They also provided a truly spectacular gala buffet type meal. As usual, Matt Savage was the tournament director, and he was great on the microphone.

Allyn’s daughter Jessica visited us and was in heaven when she had the opportunity to hob-knob with Jerry Buss, the Lakers’ owner.
I busted out in the middle of the pack Saturday night. Allyn lasted well into Sunday.
I spent Sunday in the hotel room playing the Full Tilt FTOPS Championship event online. The tournament had a whopping 14,479 players, and a prize pool of $8,687,400.

I finished 31st at 3:00 AM after playing thirteen hours. I picked up over $15,000, but first place paid over $1,300,000, and I had started to feel it.

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