Tahiti; Cruise Day 47

The biggest decision of the day was which scent to choose for the massage oil.
We had already scrapped plans for Bora Bora sightseeing. Instead, we opted for strict self-indulgence. That meant hanging around the lagoon (our bungalow), and having massages, manicures, pedicures, and other cures (at the spa).

Tonight, we had dinner at the world famous Bloody Mary’s. The hotel makes it so easy. They booked the reservation, and had a shuttle boat take us across the water, where a taxi was waiting for us. After dinner, we did the reverse.

Of course we had to pay, but no money (except the restaurant tab) changed hands. It was simply added to our hotel bill. This is the way high-end resorts ought to work.

Like last night, the food was great. However, tonight’s ambiance was in direct contrast. This is a fun, sand-on-the-floor type of restaurant.

Ironically the only weak point of the evening was that they make totally uninspired Bloody Marys.

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