Tahiti; Cruise Day 46

Months ago, I knew that we would need a few breaks from the cruise. Not because it would be boring, but because it would be constant action. I was right. We have been running ragged day after day. There is just too much fun to be had.
This morning, we arrived Papeete, Tahiti, and immediately flew to Bora Bora, for two nights off the ship, in luxurious peace and quiet.
Close your eyes and envision paradise. That is Bora Bora. Now multiply that by about five, and you have the new St. Regis on Bora Bora. Never have I had such incredible service and accommodations. We have a personal bungalow right on the water. The pictures below can do the talking.

After significant research a while ago I made dinner reservations at La Villa Mahana. It was truly amazing. The chef/owner Damien Rinaldi Dovio acts as host, and prepares every item himself for his six-table restaurant. For a romantic, gourmet meal, this is the place on Bora Bora.

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