Enroute to Tahiti; Cruise Day 45

Today was a day of rest, relaxation, and research.
You see, tomorrow we get off the ship for two nights. We are flying to Bora Bora and will stay at the St. Regis, and then pick it up again when it the boat sails in Sunday.

So, this meant looking up which restaurants to eat at, and what massages to indulge in. I never knew that there exists so many different massage options.
Because all that research made me tired, I just relaxed this afternoon.
Tonight we had dinner with a fun couple, Michael and Phyllis, from Florida. Although it was a long shot, we played some Jewish geography and had more hits than one might expect.
The ship in the picture has no bearing to French Polynesia. In fact, I took the photo in the Falkland Islands, but I needed a shot today. It is not nearly as old and shabby as it looks. It is a squid boat and the black is from squid ink.

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