Enroute to Tahiti; Cruise Day 44

Today started with trauma when I ran out of Starbucks coffee. I cannot get more until Auckland, 10 days from now. I haven’t alerted Allyn yet. In two days, we will be in Bora Bora, and I am sure they will have some local coffee to tide us over.
We learned a ton today about Captain Cook, Tahiti, and other local facts.

Tonight was “big doings” around the ship. Not only was it a formal night, but a super special one.  The Captain is leaving for a ten-week vacation, and it is the ship’s eighth birthday.  Yes, we even sang happy birthday to the ship at the cocktail party.

The Captain invited us to sit at his table. Clearly, Allyn was the special guest, but we are a package. She was even seated to his immediate left. He has taken special shine to her ever since the talent show, where she wrote a song complimenting him. Even captains don’t get songs written about them every day.
I dreaded a long boring evening, and it looked like that might have been the case. Fortunately the pace quickly picked up, and it turned out to be quite a nice evening.

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