Tahiti; Cruise Day 48

We said good-bye to Bora Bora today, after two perfect days of doing virtually nothing.
The St. Regis sent us to hook up with the Seven Seas Mariner, via a speedboat, which took about 25 minutes to circle half the island. They also sent along an escort to be certain that everything worked out just right. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful stay.
Coming back to the ship was like coming home after a vacation. I am starting to feel as if I live here.
We got right back into the swing of things by watching the 6:00 p.m. show (which was the semi-finals for the crew talent show). After having dinner with some friends, I called it a day.
Allyn watched the professional entertainment.
By the way, one of the reasons I watch so many DVDs here, is that often the only TV signal we have is FOX news. This gets old real quick. I even wonder how much of it can be tolerated by the right wing zealots.
Water color factoid – Never have I seen water so light and with such a green hue.  This is because it is clear, shallow, and has white sand.

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