Enroute to Rarotonga, Cook Islands; Cruise Day 49

Our routine is that we eat a healthy breakfast in the cabin. It is easier for me who has trouble not succumbing to temptation.
We’ve been good, though, and today we decided to try the restaurant for its “usual” Sunday caviar and champagne breakfast. It was very nice. We passed on the champagne, while dousing our omelets with caviar. Fun stuff.
I have not played one hand of poker since leaving town. I thought the Sunday Million (online poker tournament) would be a perfect opportunity, given that we are now quite far West, and it fit well into the schedule.
What I did not factor in, was how often the satellite gets disconnected. When surfing or emailing it just feels slow. When playing online poker, it is like a car that conks out every mile and keeps getting passed up in a race.

Surprisingly I lasted many hours and just missed the money. I tried adjusting my play to deal with the disconnects and it seemed to work.

Tonight we had another premier Dinner and a Show. The full world cruisers were invited to a special dinner at Signatures, our gourmet restaurant, followed by a special cabaret performance by “Bobby Nesbitt and Friends.”

This man can really sing and play the piano, and he has done so at well know spots all over the world. It is particularly fun to see great live entertainment just 10 feet away.

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