Sturgeon Bay (Door County), WI 2022

If you happen to be as geographically challenged as I, then you probably thought of Green Bay as a cold football place way north of Chicago and never even heard of Sturgeon Bay.

Well, that is where we spent the final two nights of in our RV. Door County, the Eastern most County in Wisconsin may have just been the most scenic area we visited on our trip.

Sturgeon Bay (2022 population 9,746) is the largest city in the county. I was surprised to learn that the county population only grows by about 50% in the summer since there is so much summer activity here and it gets so cold in the winter.

On day one, we did a comprehensive walk around town covering both sides and crossing two neighboring bridges. Several years ago, the older one was declared unsafe and scheduled to close as cost was too much to save the bridge. The community, with the help of Jackson Brown raised money to save it.

Day two was the county scenic drive.

The Cave Point Lakeside Trail is the most beautiful lakeside walk I have ever done.

Luckily Allyn didn’t need her mosquito net hat today. They say it should be the state bird of Wisconsin.

Fish Creek is probably the cutest town in the county. It is a few blocks of interesting stores, galleries, restaurants, and bars.

We had a lovely dinner at Donny’s Glidden Lodge Restaurant with a window table right on the water.

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  1. Kathy says:

    It looks beautiful! I’ve been to Lake Geneva with my daughter and family, but it’s only an hour north of Chicago.

  2. Cindy says:

    Looks like your a true Yooper now. Love the pictures of you and Allyn together. Very romantic.

    • Marlyse turkavka says:

      Have loved this virtual trip away with you & only hope that we will have the opportunity to travel together soon! lots of hugs…

  3. lisa tenner says:

    Barry now you have me pushing Mark to visit those beach towns. I just cant get out of Laguna.. :Looks like one great adventure// we are off to NYC in a week. who knows you could wind up there x say Hi to Allyn. Lisa and safe travels.

  4. Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful trip with us at home. Much appreciated and have enjoyed reading about your terrific journey. Keep having a perfect time.

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