Chicago, IL 2022

Chicago is a beautiful city. A great way to see the city is a cruise along the Chicago River.

The best way is on the Chicago First Lady by the Chicago Architecture Center. They provide great knowledge and stories about more than 50 buildings. Also, you will learn how Chicago grew from a small settlement into one of the world’s largest cities in less than 100 years.

This tour was voted the number one boat tour in North America last year according to USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards.

Today, our last full day of this trip, we took the fun Chicago Crime and Mob Bus Tour. We heard many fascinating mob stories and visited famous locations.

This is where John Dillinger was gunned down.

And this is Frank Nitti’s secret vault.

Probably the most interesting tidbit was to learn that Eliot Ness was an alcoholic.

We were lucky to have three dinner experiences in Chicago. The first night was at Maple & Ash, one Chicago’s most sought-after reservations. There was the current popular loudness, hipness, $180 steaks that attract the city young hip crowd. We thought it a bit too pretentious and way too loud. They give a cutesy poster to each table and were offended when we asked them to spell Allyn’s name properly.

Next up was Chicago Cut Steakhouse. These gentlemen run a classic beautiful steakhouse exactly as it should be – great atmosphere, service and, (of course) food. They have it laid out so every single diner can see the spectacular downtown view. It’s success is no fluke since both Managing Partners, David Flom and Mathew Moore, have extremely strong pedigree and are there overseeing business.

 Our final dinner on this road trip was at Monteverde. Our hosts at Chicago Cut scored us a reservation as it was full.

It turned out to be one of the best Italian dinners ever.

We started with their famous burrata and ham because every review said it is a must. It is, indeed, a must.

I won’t bore you with endless details, but the eggplant parmesan was by far the best we have ever had – and Allyn orders it whenever it is available.

On this beautiful night we walked home well over two miles. We really enjoyed Chicago.

Tomorrow it is back home and major diet time as we are Vegas bound.

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  1. Cindy says:

    We so enjoyed out time in Chicago too. Loved the architecture boat tour!

  2. Kristin Finnegan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this summer travel log of places to go see, hike, dine, and enjoy! Loved the vicarious journey— watch out, Rick Steves!!!! You are the best!❤️💋

  3. Karen Vonier says:

    Sorry all these great adventures are ending.
    I’m sure you will come up something new soon. The WEST has had brutal weather while you’ve been gone!

    Safe travels!
    There’s no place like home 😍

  4. troberts505 says:

    That’s my favorite too! Eggplant Parmisan! Barry you look Ten years younger!! You two really know how ti travel!! You must have a time machine in that Coach!!

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