Duluth, MN 2022

Duluth is located at the westernmost point of Lake Superior which makes it the westernmost point of the Great Lakes. It is the largest U.S. city on the Great Lakes, the farthest inland port accessible to oceangoing ships, and by far the largest and busiest port on the Great Lakes.

Its iconic symbol is the Aerial Lift Bridge, built 1901 – 1905. The bridge can be raised to its full height of 135 feet in about a minute and is raised about 5,000 times per year.

I’ve seen many bridges and bridge types in my life and never even heard of an aerial lift bridge. Probably that is because the only other one ever built was in Chicago and it was converted 90 years ago.

What a lovely way to spend a nice day! The Duluth Lakewalk is eight miles of lakeside pleasantness.  We walked quite a bit sharing the road with joggers, bikers, strollers and even a few horse-drawn carriages next to us. There are many benches along the way to enjoy Lake Superior or just relax.

We finished at a lovely rose garden.

Interesting info about Lake Superior’s size:

*It is the largest lake in the world (measured by surface area).

*It is larger than the other four Great Lakes combined even if you threw in two more Lake Eries.

*It contains about 10% of all earth fresh surface water.

*If you emptied it out, you could cover all of North and South America with a foot of water.

*It is about 1,300 miles to drive round it.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    Wow…. what a wealth of wonderful knowledge! Beautiful & a hidden gem!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  2. Trish Roberts says:

    Beautiful!! You picked the right time of year to visit, before the freezing cold!! Gordon Lightfoot song:
    ” The lake it is said ‘never gives up her dead….The big lake they call “Git-chi-gumee+ Great song, Perfect Storm- Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. Classic. A lot of interesting science such as: the lake is so cold the growth of bacteria in impeded, and bodies don’t decay. The lake preserves Dead Bodies!! Forever!! Wow!!

  3. bebi says:

    As always, wonderful seeing your lovely faces and to share in where your travels take you!
    If you ever find yourselves in peaceful, picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, I will welcome you to my doors with wide open arms and we can explore the area, my home for more than half my life!
    Hugs <3

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