Spearfish Canyon (SD) Scenic Byway (2021)

Spearfish Canyon is definitely scenic. The narrow 1,00-foot limestone walls, strong-flowing adjacent creek, countless trees, and three waterfalls make for quite a drive.

The winter campsite for Dances with the Wolves was filmed here.

Interesting Factoid – Stagecoach robberies were rampant here because of the tremendous amount of gold produced. The problem for the highwaymen was determining which coaches would be carrying gold. One solution was to bribe the brothel ladies because guys would tend to brag about carrying gold to impress the ladies.

The 60-foot Bridal Veil Falls is a major photo stop on this route because it is located adjacent the road. There wasn’t much flow this time of year unfortunately.


Our chosen hike today was to Roughlock Falls. I tell the story of their name in Allyn’s pretty video.

It was back to Deadwood for dinner. Allyn stopped by to say hi to Wild Bill Hickok.

The intimate (12 tables) Snitches in Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort is considered the best restaurant in Deadwood, and probably its only fine dining establishment. It did not disappoint at all. Even given Covid staffing issues and that it was jammed on a Saturday night, the service was as attentive as the food was good.

Hats off to GM/Executive Chef Tyler Venables and front of the house manage Alexandria for a job well done.

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