Mount Rushmore National Monument (2021)

Mount Rushmore was the entire reason that we included South Dakota in our road trip. It turned out to be a great decision. It is more awesome in person than I ever imagined.


What I didn’t know was how magnificent Custer State Park is. The granite spires totally blew us away. Actually I had never even heard of the park previously.

Leaving the park and heading towards Hot Springs, SD, our stop for the evening, We ran into this sign. What a chuckle. I mean a wine called Red Ass Rhubarb. Upon investigation, it turns out that it has won many awards.

How fun is it to see the world’s largest Smokey?

Then we ran into, yet another heard of buffalo. What can I say?

Dinner was a pleasant surprise in the extreme. We had a clue because the reservation was made a week ago and all we could get was 5:30.

Owner/Operator/Chief Rebecca Christensen’s Buffalo Dreamer, is a shockingly gourmet and healthy restaurant in little (pop 2,711) Hot Springs, SD. She creates what she calls American Food Alchemy. She says it is the food equivalent to turning lead into gold. She intertwines food flavors in manners that are totally unique. Strong recommend!

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  1. Cindh says:

    I really enjoy the commentary and Allyn’s drone shots are outstanding. Would love for you to share your written itinerary.

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