Shanghai, China (Day 2)

It’s just hard to imagine that you are in Communist China when visiting Shanghai.

Today was all shopping, total negotiating and almost nothing essential; all very capitalistic.

We started out at a cloth market, with a couple hundred merchants on-site, to custom make any garment overnight. I ordered four pair of slacks and a suit.

Allyn is having an Escada jacket copied in four different materials. We each spent $150. It will be interesting to find out tomorrow how successful we were.

Then it was on to Taoboa city, which is knock-off heaven. I don’t have room to list all of the purchases.

The ship wanted to charge me $595 for a car and driver for the day. I found one on the Internet for $90 and am totally satisfied with him.

We stopped on the way home for another one of those great Asian massages (which are three times better than on-board and at one sixth the price).

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