Shanghai, China (Day 3)

If you need anything to do with cameras it can be found at Xinguan Photography, 288 Lu Ban, near Xietu Road.

We are NOT talking knock-offs or huge discounts here, just a total collection to choose from. The building is seven stories of just photo equipment stores.

We went in to buy a little lens cap cover to replace the one Allyn dropped in the water in Brisbane. We came out with a Nikon 18 x 300 VR (vibration resistant) lens that cost double what the camera cost.

Sorry to keep talking about money, but the prices are just crazy here. It was very cold here today. Allyn picked up this red stylish coat for $30 at the textile shop while she was waiting for the tailor. With all of the lovely detail, I’m pretty sure it was union made.

Our custom-made merchandise from yesterday came out extremely well. I was so pleased I even wore my suit to dinner along with a tie and nobody even got married.

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