Shanghai, China (Day 1)

We arrived in Shanghai last night, for the first of two over-nights.

About 50 Communists descended on our ship when we docked. They stamped every passport, had a personal inspection of every passenger, and gave us a special paper to carry when on shore.

We dashed off the ship for a late elegant dinner for just the two of us.

Allyn was not pleased when the immigration guy made her take off her well-situated hat (to be certain that she was who she represented).

The Italian dinner on top of the St. Regis was spectacular. You can see the reflected view from our table (photo above).

Unfortunately, I knew more about Italian wines than the wine steward, and I know nothing.

He kept bringing me different bottles because they seemingly had none available that were on the list. He wore us down though and we selected a nice one randomly.

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