San Remo, Italy

Some travel decisions, if analyzed strictly from a financial standpoint, don’t appear to make much sense. Today was one of those. I’m not sure it made any sort of sense.
Our current two-week cruise is actually two back-to-back one-week cruises, with today being the change in Monaco. We are still on the same ship and in the same cabin, but many passengers are different.
I’m not a big fan of Monaco and thought it might be fun to take Allyn just over the border to visit San Remo in Italy. I recalled, from years past, them having a major outdoor market, a couple times a week. I confirmed that they had it today, so off we went.

Allyn had a great time (as she always does). That made it worthwhile for me.  I must say though that I just can’t get into weeding through schlock anymore.
So, let’s return to the financial analysis. She bought two sets of beads for 10 Euros total. The plan is to have her good friend (the jewelry maker) turn them into something nice.
She may have saved 10 Euros on the purchase, versus some of the places we have been. That’s good also.

The problem – the car and driver cost us $700 for 5 hours.
I am not doing great on my diet. However, I am ordering my pizzas without extra cheese.

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