Cassis, France

For starters, disabuse yourself of the notion that Cassis might have anything to do with crème de cassis, a liqueur originally from Burgundy named after the cassis berry.

This beach town, just east of Marseilles, is a delight. Like many others it is lovely and charming. I wouldn’t call it quaint because it is a bit too crowded.

Once you get west of St. Tropez in Southern France, you are out of Gucci and Channel, and just into people enjoying life.

We had a great day here. We ate lunch off the ship at the port. Allyn is a bouillabaisse fan and this is the region that made it famous. She reports that it was one of the best (and biggest, and most expensive) that she has ever had. My steak tartare was outstanding also.

They are also famous for their steep cliffs and rock. People even sunbathe right on the rock. That’s not for me.

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