Redding, CA (2021)

Most people know Redding as a place to pass through on I-5 in Northern California. We spent a couple nice days here, though, because it fit well with the amount of driving we like.

It was quite pleasant.

The Sundial Bridge is quite unique and amazing. As you certainly guessed, it is a working sundial and is one of the largest in the world. Its arc is so large that it can record only four hours a day, from 11am Р3pm.  Since it moves about one foot per minute, it is easy to see the movement.

The quaint downtown area is immaculate and was definitely worth a stroll as well as a nice lunch.

But the absolute best meal and interesting place was Granzella’s Restaurant and Deli in Williams, about 80 miles south of here. It is also the home of Granzella’s Gift Shop, Granzella’s Inn, and Granzella’s Banquet Hall. You catch the drift. They have gourmet food items like only few stores in the largest cities have. I mean it is in a town of 6,000 people and the biggest town in the area.

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