Quinalt, WA (2021)


Today we entered our fourth state, Washington, on our road trip, landing at Lake Quinalt Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula.

Our hiking activities took us to the worlds’s largest spruce tree. Besides being big and old, it is quite beautiful.

Last night, we were hosted during our last Oregon Coast Evening by our cruise friends, Larry and Kristin, at their wonderful beach house in Gerhart.

We had dinner in Astoria, in the far Northwest corner of Oregon, at Bridgewater Bistro in a restored 1896 building on a pier overlooking the Columbia River. It was yet another great meal.

For those of you from different parts, the Columbia River separates Washington and Oregon.



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  1. Reyna says:

    Dear Allyn,
    You are writing a book?
    How wonderful!
    I would like an autographed copy and to be the first to purchase‚Ě£

  2. Debby Bobbitt says:

    Wish I had time to do and see all the things on ya’lls blog!

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