Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (2022)

Exactly a month ago, we were on Crystal Serenity and docked, here, at Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, and took a quite enjoyable trolley tour – https://jetsetway.com/costa-rica-2022/.

Therefore today we decided just to relax and signed up for the Puerto Viejo Beach Break and Shopping. It is not unusual for the cruise ships to find a nice hotel to visit for the day. Since this one was 80 minutes away it was assumed to be quite lovely.

Upon entering we saw how lush the property was and assumed the best.

As usual the first stop was the restroom facilities. We were told that they were quite nice. They did have one for the whole group, and it was primitive to say the least. Nice? Not.

Nice showers and changing rooms were represented. I don’t think so.

When we got on the bus, we learned the location is not good for swimming. We asked about the pool and found out they did not have one.

The ocean was quite lovely though.

The beach was ok.

Then we had an hour for “browsing the lovely shops” and eating in Puerto Viejo. That was not so hot either.

I must confess that I was quite impressed with the thought-provoking sign in the restaurant.

Somehow we had fun though. When you travel, you can’t expect every day to be the forth of July.

Plus, I was able to read a few chapters of a new novel.

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  1. Cindy says:

    What’s the novel you’re reading?

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