Puerto Montt, Chile; Cruise Day 32

Finally, there was no need for four layers of clothing today. My former mother-in-law used to say that you had to suffer for beauty. These last 10 days have pushed her theory to the extreme.
Today we stopped at Puerto Montt, the uninspiring capital of Chile’s Lakes District. Once you get out of town, though, it is a beautiful area. Right down the street is a beautiful beach community of Puerto Varas.

We had nice stays and photo ops of the Osorno Volcano, as well as a very nice visit to the Petrohue Falls. These days, it is more rapids than falls (due to the warmer climate conditions).

There main industry here is tourism and exporting Atlantic salmon. How is that possible, you may ask?

Chile is on the Pacific. As it turns out, the Atlantic salmon were initially brought here by Norwegians and adapted quite well in the Pacific.

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