At Sea, Chile; Cruise Day 33

The last evening of every cruise is somewhat bittersweet. Even though we are on for all eight segments, tonight was special because some newly made friends will be leaving in the morning.
Even sadder is that Allyn’s very best friend for 35 years, Stephanie, is also disembarking tomorrow. She has been in our guest room for this leg of the cruise.
Every table had cameras clicking all night. In the picture above is Stephanie and a delightful couple we met from Rochester, Beryl and Joanie Nussbaum.
I’ve always had a good litmus test to see if I am really happy to continue with the cruise at the end. I take a look at all the luggage in the hall (as I have just done) and check my feelings. Right now I am saying that I’m glad it is them leaving and not us.
We have been gone a month, the cruise is ¼ over and it seems like we have just started.

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