Laguna San Rafael, Chile by Catamaran; Cruise Day 31

This was an “at sea day” designed to feel like a “port day.”
We anchored for half of the day. This allowed the ship to provide the entire group with a free excursion to visit icebergs, up front and close, by catamaran. This was a very nice treat from the cruise line.

The passage was too narrow and dangerous for our big ship to navigate, yet the sites were too outstanding to miss.

JetSetWay glacier factoid – Glaciers appear blue because sunlight (which appears white) is made up of all of the colors of the rainbow. Only blue has enough energy to get through the dense glacial ice. The reds and yellows get absorbed.

JetSetWay iceberg factoid – We really do only see the tip of an iceberg. Only 10 – 13% is above the water line. The reason for this is that sea water is denser than ice.

Also today, we had another bad dinner experience. That’s two in 31 days (not too bad really). A guy we were sitting with not only was loud and overbearing, but seemingly hated everything and everybody. 

His claims: the cruise is terrible, his kids are terrible, everyone in business and politics is a crook (he might have a point), how all Hispanics should be shipped back even if they are citizens, how global warming is just a political issue, etc.
Of course I know we can eat alone, but one of the fun things about a cruise is meeting so many nice people (and a few who are less nice). After all, traveling is an adventure.
Years ago, my son Michael told me, when playing Trivial Pursuit, to put Wayne Gretsky as the answer to any hockey question (as we are ignorant on the subject). I mentioned this to somebody yesterday, and sure enough it came up today. We got it right! Thanks Michael! (Also, Philadelphia has the oldest zoo in the country).
I must confess that a bit of warm weather is starting to sound good about now.

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