At Sea, Chile; Cruise Day 30

Often cruises are great IN SPITE OF where you are traveling. Today was a perfect example.

Jean-Michel Cousteau (pictured above) joined us a couple days ago, and he will be with us for a while. He is the son of the famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, and is world renown in his own right.

His talk was riveting. We learned:

1)  In his natural habitat, the polar bear will be extinct shortly, and shortly thereafter probably the walrus.
2)  Places like Lima, Peru are dependant on glaciers for water, but they are drying up. In 10 – 12 years, they will be gone. What then?

3)  There is drilling for oil in the Amazon, which is causing sickness and disease in the local tribes (because of water contamination). Aweful.

He is so compelling that he had people pulling out their checkbooks to give to his non-profit Ocean Futures Society.
Also tonight, we had three nice couples over for cocktails, and then dinner. Everybody seemed to enjoy each other.
After dinner we saw a show. (There is a 45-minute show every night). The entertainment quality is quite amazing really. Dorothy Bishop was the entertainer tonight. She has been a soloist at both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She even had her own off-Broadway show, yet we can just pop in, walk to the front row and enjoy.
Tomorrow we visit icebergs.

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