At Sea, Chile; Cruise Day 29

Another day, another glacier. This is the Amalia Glacier (AKA Skua Glacier) which flows into Amalia Bay. Like every other glacier we have seen, it is receding. This speaks to the global warming issue.
Today was a lazy day doing lots of odds and ends, such as cleaning the room and getting a haircut. Of course, there is a 15-question trivial pursuit game every day. Two teams got 11 today. We only got 7. The only one I knew for sure was that Jefferson Davis was the only Confederate President who graduated from West Point. I figured that out as I knew he was the only Confederate President.
We were invited to dinner with Frank, the food and beverage manager. He has been a friend on several cruises, but I do have some food and restaurant issues on this cruse. I nicely brought them up, and he agreed across the board in a professional manner (of not badmouthing his company).
Tonight we have left the inland passage for a few hours and are rocking and rolling in the Pacific Ocean.

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