Positano – Shopping

We honored our morning cardio commitment to each other by starting the day walking down the stairs and back (418). It took 19 minutes. I’m sure that was a bit faster than yesterday’s time, but we did not time that trip. I found it interesting that even though it was the exact same stairs and route, my thighs were sore the first day and my calves the next.

The hotel is so nice that it is tough to generate momentum to do much, but what’s wrong with that?

Needing respite from the sun, we opted for a couple hours of shopping in town. They have beautiful colorful things here, whether it is clothing, art, or ceramic tiles.  One of our favorites is Louise Positano – they manufacture everything they sell.

I was in desperate need for flip flops as the pair I bought in New Zealand two years ago for $10 was disintegrating.
Allyn is always in need for a beautiful outfit. She found one and as per her custom, she couldn’t wait to wear it to dinner.

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