Positano – Beach Day


The food in Italy is just too good to not gain weight without both discipline and exercise.

Our problem is compounded by the fact that we feel like just vegetating for a few days. So we did what any normal fitness fanatic would do. Of course we are not fanatical about our fitness, but we can pretend. Anyway, we determined to walk down to the beach and back every morning before breakfast.

That might not seem like a big deal to you, but there are 418 uneven stairs that make for quite a round trip. The elevator is for pussies.
I’m a bit sore. Stay tuned to see if we follow through tomorrow.

You know that story about it is easier to walk down than up – NOT TRUE.

Epilogue – We went into town tonight for dinner at a lovely restaurant on the beach. It turns out that cars were not allowed down there and we had at least the same amount of walking as in the morning. Dinner was great. My heart is still beating at about 110% of maximum and I have been back for 20 minutes.

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