Positano, Italy


Finally we can settle in for a while. We are staying at Il San Pietro di Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It will be our headquarters for 10 days.
The hotel actually looks back at the city as you can see in the photos from the room, bathroom and hotel terrace and hotel pool.

We will be staying close to home base for a few days, as this is the center of where we want to be, we are tired of sightseeing, and this is a great hotel to relax and enjoy the beauty.

The Travcoa land tour is fine for a one shot deal, and to see Switzerland you really need to travel around by land of course.

Cruises work way better for us though. We like the idea of traveling but just unpacking once. Then in various ports we can tour as much or little as we choose. Another main difference is that cruise ships tend to travel at night while you are being entertained or sleeping which makes for more effective and enjoyable use of the days.
There were way too many hours on the bus last night during the day getting from place to place.

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