Positano Chillin’


Except for our morning step activity, we did almost nothing today. We didn’t even go to the beach except for lunch.
Sitting out on our deck was the main function where we planned the next several days.

We did manage enough energy to get two outstanding massages before dinner.
Speaking of dinner, what a fun, unusual experience. I found a place on the Internet,
La Tagliata, that is about 15 minutes away, way up in the hills overlooking Positano. They picked us up in their courtesy vehicle. 

It is a three generation family business that does it right, with a giant smile and dirt cheap.
Absolutely no decisions were necessary as they just kept bringing platters of antipasto, many types of pasta, a huge plate of various barbequed meats, desserts, fruits, wines and after dinner drinks. 
It is hard to beat a good authentic Italian family restaurant. 

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