Palm Springs, CA (2021)

For years as a young boy I had heard of Palm Springs as a place where the rich and famous hung out. Whereas monied folks from New York tended to go to Florida in the winter, Seattle people being from the West tended to vacation in Palm Springs. Some of the real wealthy even had second homes there.

Still known as a retirement area for old rich people, it seems much younger now.
I was excited to get back to Palm Springs after about 50 years. We had vacationed there a couple of times when the Washington Huskies went to the Rose Bowl and my folks took me to the game and we stayed at Palm Springs for several days..

Driving into town, we were met by hundreds of windmills. The wind industry has been around since the 80s in Palm Springs and there are about 2,000 turbines currently. One of the big turbines alone can power 1,500 SoCal homes.

Wind is one of the cheapest forms of energy and provides over 100,000 jobs nationally.

Lunch was at Daily Grill in Palm Desert. We recommend it highly. It was a great treat breaking bread with an old, close, friend, Mike Brotman. It had been years.

Dinner was more upscale, yet still very casual at Pomme Frite. They are known for their muscles which come with a choice of eight preparations.

We stayed with cruise friends, Robyn and Perry at their lovely Palm Springs winter home.

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