Northwest Montana (2021)

Our first stop in Montana was Libby. We just went there for a photo-op with the world’s second largest frying pan. It was used for real but retired because it was unwieldy. 75 dozen eggs could be cooked concurrently.

Of course you don’t know Somers. But, it is a huge deal for me. You see, when I as a very little boy, MY DAD BOUGHT THE TOWN! That’s right. The whole town.

I remember him going to the Great Northern Railroad often and taking a business trip to Montana. He sold the houses off one at a time.

It is amazing that they have this big plaque on a storefront wall explaining the town history. It is an interesting read.

Nearby is Whitefish. What a lovely area that is and The Lodge at Whitefish was terrific.

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  1. Dorrie Skadal says:

    Wow, fun info about Somers, MT. Whitefish! Another favorite of ours. Hiking, fishing. Zip Line the ski runsđź’— 4th of July on the lake is a pretty big deal. You’re hitting some great spots.

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