Glacier National Park (2021)


We spent the last couple nights at The Glacier Park Lodge, the first hotel built by the Great Northern Railroad over 100 years ago. True it is historic, but it is definitely not 5 Star. You can’t beat the location though.

Just driving to the park was beautiful. It looks just like Montana is presented in its PR campaigns.

The view from our room was similarly beautiful, albeit they have no air conditioning and it is getting hot with the direct western exposure.

Interesting Factoid – 70 years ago there were 80 glaciers in the park. Today there are 26. All will be gone in 10 years.

Staircase Falls was a good introduction.

Today was mainly Two Medicine Lake and Twin Falls.

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  1. Ellen Fried says:

    Gr8 pic of the 2 of u !! 💛❤

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