Malaga, Spain 2019

We woke up this morning heading right into the beautiful sunrise with Africa just to the right (south) and the Rock of Gibraltar to our left (north). Less than 8 miles separates the African and European continent at its narrowest point here.
120,000 ships a year pass through here. 
It has been so important to shipping that hundreds of years ago in the local town, Tarifa, the concept of tariff was invented. They learned it was easier and more profitable to charge a fee to pass through than to be pirates. This way they kept their customers.
Malaga is surprisingly one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. It is amazing how many people came back on board tonight and said they must come back. 
The entire city center area is brimming with cafes, shops, old lovely buildings, pedestrian malls, and beautiful squares.
The highlight was learning about and focusing on Picasso.
Picasso was born in Malaga and spent his first 10 years here and later returned for three more. The Malaga Picasso museum is quite unique in that it covers all eight decades of Picasso’s work and includes some of his final 1970s pieces. Many of his paintings here are unsigned as he produced them for himself and his family loans many of them to the museum for five years at a time.
Sorry; no photos allowed in the museum.

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