Lost iPhone



As I walk off the plane at LAX, I’m checking my messages and somehow when I get to baggage claim my phone has disappeared.

I was totally befuddled, not so much that I could misplace something, but it was in my hands as I deplaned.

Immediately I cranked up my Mac and went to my Apple “find my phone “. This alone is reason to use Apple products. From my computer I locked my phone and put a message on the screen that it was lost and, if found, please call Allyn’s number.

Somebody did! How nice.

Now the trick was to get it because it was on the other side of security. Allyn arranges to meet the Good Samaritan at his gate but security won’t let her in. Furthermore he tells her the phone cannot be passed off to her.

Somehow she keeps him in conversation as he is telling her to leave, and ultimately asks to speak with his supervisor. Anyway the gentleman with the phone is now running towards Allyn as she is waving her hands the entire time.

While the supervisor starts discussing the situation she connects with the guy with my phone.  Just as the supervisor is telling her that she is out of luck, she feigns confusion, thanks him and sprints away with my phone.

The verdict – As much as we love technology (find my phone), we still need people (Allyn) who can work the system.




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