London – Victoria and Albert Museum 2019

We had a day in London and spent it at The Victoria and Albert Museum.
It is still awesome to see Buckingham Palace even if it was just on the way. What a beautiful day we had today.
The V&A is the world’s largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design. It is the so vast, interesting, fun, and eclectic. 
The very first thing you see when you walk in is a magnificent huge piece from Dale Chihuly that is 27 feet high and 12 feet at its widest. 
This is what they wore for an evening out in the mid 1700s.
The museum is so huge it has the actual real rooms from various places taken down and rebuilt insde the museum. This is a music room from a castle.
The have all kinds of miniature things. One of my favorites was the snuff boxes.
A large section is dedicated to real items used in theater such as the horse, and so many outfits used during performances from personalities such as  Fred Astaire, Elton John and Bjorn Ulvaeus (ABBA).
We saw Charlie Chaplan’s real cane and Cinderella’s ugly stepsister’s outfits. Then there was Vivien Leigh’s Oscar for Best Actress.
Queen Victoria’s diamond and sapphire coronet was quite nice.
They have an entire room devoted to cameras.
There are so many full life reproductions of famous sculpture that you don’t even need to leave London to see and learn about them.
Imagine a young Mozart playing a harpsichord like this one.
I could keep going on because they have over 2,270,000 items. You get the point.
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