Livorno, Italy

I even lose credibility with myself, as I continue to say that city after city is quaint and charming.

You won’t be reading that today. Livorno is a good city to tie up at, and leave for other places.

Given that we have spent considerable time in Florence (two hours away), we decided to stay in town today. It didn’t have much to offer.

We are here overnight and tomorrow we are going to visit Pisa. If nothing else I know I will get a photo there.

Often cruise ships use overnight stops as an opportunity for pool deck barbeques. That was the case tonight. They did a great job of setting up and fun was had all around.

They even accommodated our diet issues, as the food was uniformly overcooked. They need to invest in some new steak knives if they don’t get their cooking act together.

The topper was trying to get to sleep. It turns out the pool deck is right above us and it was NOISY as they restored it to its usual setup.

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