Silversea’s M/V Silver Whisper

Obviously I am a big fan of cruise ships or I wouldn’t spend 40% of my time on them.
If you like travelling, cruising can’t be beat. No matter what fashion you travel, it is a hassle these days, and much of that travel headache is taken away on a cruise.
Silverseas must have the best PR company in the industry. They are the most expensive and they have many people convinced that they are the best. They aren’t. It is that simple.
True, the staff is friendly, the ship is clean, the food is generally descent, and it certainly doesn’t feel like a cattle car. But they don’t hold a candle to Regent or Crystal.

The later two lines are small enough not to feel crammed, yet have far more to offer. They have activities days and nights, for people who want them. They have many more venues that allow for far more options. Because they are bigger (yet still luxury), they have much better entertainment and many more food options.
If anything the Regent and Crystal ships are cleaner, although the Silver Whisper is fine. It just doesn’t sparkle.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a delightful cruise, but two weeks is going to be a long time on this ship. Now I can see why people thought I was nuts when I said that we loved being on the Seven Seas Mariner for four months. They just don’t know what a great ship really has to offer.

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