Lake Washington Boat Trip – Seattle, 2020

The best views in Seattle are generally from the water or of the water. As such we rented a runabout boat for the time we will be here. I took Allyn to view the two homes I lived in on the lake. That afforded me an opportunity to show her the beautiful homes of Laurelhurst and the parts of Eastside north of the Evergreen Point Bridge which runs between Seattle and Bellevue.
To put some perspective to distance, it takes about 30 minutes for us to get to and through the Mountlake Bridge. 
There are three floating bridges that go from Seattle across Lake Washington. The Evergreen Point Bridge is the longest floating bridge in the world. They work, but are expensive. This type bridge structure is most suitable for deep waters with soft bottoms. Lake Washington dept averages over 100 feet deep and is 200 feet deep in places.
The houses along the water are as majestic as always. Many of the old estates are still there in all of their elegance and others have been divided to make room for more huge homes. The architecture is quite varied. The gardens are uniformly magnificent all along the way. Many have boats, a few have seaplanes, and a helicopter is even seen periodically.
Then we tied up at downtown Kirkland which has become even more quaint over the years.We even hiked all the way to my old house and back. I see my sculpture is still there.

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